Sunday, 30 March 2014

Download Cristiano Ronaldo Footy for Android Apk

Download Cristiano Ronaldo Footy for Android Apk
Download Cristiano Ronaldo Footy for Android Apk - Cristiano Ronaldo, surely you are no stranger to hear that name. Here I am not going to explain who Ronaldo, but I will share the game Cristiano Ronaldo. After the team issued Ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo for PC games, now they released the game Cristiano Ronaldo Footy for your android.

Cristiano Ronaldo Footy game can not be compared to a football game for android like Fifa 14 or PES, because this game is different despite having the same theme, namely football. What distinguishes this game with other football games is the number of players and rules of the game. In this game players consist of 5 people instead of 11 people. Moreover, in this game there is no regulation ball out. And at the beginning of the game, you can create a name and select a team logo.

Download Cristiano Ronaldo Footy for Android

How to play this game is quite simple. On the left side there is control your android screen D - pad to the left, while there is action button. Action butoon in this game there are only 2, which is passing and shoot that you can use to attack, but the action button will change the function when you survive. Passing and shoot turned into tackles.

There are two modes that you can play here, namely Campaign and Quick Match. In campaign mode you will be presented with 4 levels of difficulty, namely Amateur, Professional, and also Legendary Superstar. The Campaign mode using system -level with 3 star rating. You should get at least 1 star if you want to unlock the next levels in this mode. In total there are 48 levels that you can play.

Download Cristiano Ronaldo Footy

To get 3 stars, you must complete the given mission. Missions in the game Cristiano Ronaldo footy quite diverse and sometimes it is difficult to resolve. Missions that you will find here is like winning by at least 3 goals, had the ball at least 35 %, winning by using the booster, and much more. Winning is not everything in this game, even if you lose but if you 've managed to complete the requested mission, you will still be able to open the next level. For Quick Match mode, you will be up against CR7. In this mode you can set the difficulty level, the stadium where you play, and how long the game will last.

Each finished playing, you will get XP and coins. XP is useful for raising the level of the team. If successfully gained 1 level, you can improve abilities such as the ability to attack, defend, running and passing ability. While useful coins to buy power - ups, special moves and a booster. There is one special move that is interesting here is the CR Super Strike where if you use a typical Cristiano Ronaldo kicks the ball that you will be 100 % kick into the net. In this game there are 4 power - ups, special moves 4 and 5 booster that will help you.

Android Minimum: Android 4.0 or higher.


Friday, 28 March 2014

Download Table Top Racing Android v1.0.41 Mod Apk + Data

Download Table Top Racing Android Apk + Data
Download Table Top Racing Android Apk + Data - Not long ago, the android coming of racing games new, namely Table Top Racing. For those of you who like the racing game definitely like this game, because the game ii berebda with other racing games. This game is unique because it tracks not racing on the road but in the home environment such as a kitchen, dining table and others. Cars in the game is not a big luxury car and a miniature but commonly played by children.

Table Top Racing takes the theme of exciting races around the house, there are no paved roads or city crowd in games like Asphalt 8 Airborne. However no means the game is not fun, but therein lies have fun because we usually see small, in this game would be great as plates, knives and others.

Download Table Top Racing Android Apk

During the race you will see some power-ups that can be taken . Power ups can be used to shoot the enemy with rockets, detonated the EMP that makes other players to be slow, and others. Moreover, which are unique to this game is the upgrade system where upgrades could add some coins while racing.

Download Table Top Racing Android

Table Top Racing has 4 modes, namely the Championship, Special Events, Quick Race and Multiplayer. Championship mode is the main mode in this game where you have to go on to win the championship in the 4 supplied, the championship consists of several races also have different modes such as pursuit mode where you just need to catch up and rammed the back of your opponent to win or elimination mode where each lap the last vehicle will be eliminated. In total there are 6 exciting game modes that you can play in this game.

Android: Android 4.0.4 or higher 

Download Table Top Racing

How to install :
1. Download Table Top Racing apk + Data
2. Install apk file ( do not open it first)
3. Extract data to Sdcard0/android/obb .... ( Can extract using Es File Explorer )
4. Play Minimum


Monday, 24 March 2014

Download Frontline commando 2 Android v3.0.3 Mod Apk + Data

Download Frontline commando 2 Android Apk + Data
Download Frontline commando 2 Android Apk + Data - Frontline Commando 2 is a shooting game released in 2014 for the android. This game is a sequel to Commando Frontline and Frontline Commando D-Day. When playing this game, you will play as someone who had to combat the action of the rebel states. Unlike Frontline Commando D-Day themed World War 2, in Frontline Commando 2 theme that you play is the theme of today's modern warfare.

In this game you have to kill every enemy that is contained in your android screen in a way to aim and press fire. Make sure your shots on target before firing. Each enemy has a different HP, some have a lot and there are HP has the HP thin. Shot toward the agency will impact on smaller damage than a shot to the head. In this game, a shot to the head will not make the enemy die instantly. But for me it is not a problem because if it gets too realistic this game probably will not be fun to play as the enemy will die very quickly.

Download Frontline commando 2 Android Apk

Enemies that appear to be spread in various parts of the screen, so you must be busy running from the left end to the right end of the display screen . When you opened fire with a rifle type weapon, it is advisable to not shoot like Rambo. Shoot the correct technique, namely by pressing the fire button about one second, then release the button and then press the new fire back. Because recoil here is made similar to the recoil of the weapon in the original world, so shoot with earlier techniques is a must.

In addition to the smart shot, you also must be smart in taking timings to avoid attacks from them. The enemy will launch a shot marked with a laser beam that is directed toward your body, if you are not in a position to hide then you will get shot and your HP will be reduced. Variations of the enemy's attack is not just a normal gun shots, but also there is a shot that is like a bazooka or grenade explosions. To avoid this type of shot blast was not enough to just press a button to hide, but you also have to press the scroll button located on the left side or right side of your android screen.

The number of chapters in this game pretty much is 8 chapters where each chapter consists of 6-8 stages. Stunning graphics you will encounter in this game. Each object be it a character, a car, or even explosions made ​​in detail so that you are guaranteed to enjoy the beautiful chaos of war in Frotnline Commando 2.

Download Frontline commando 2 Android

Frontline Commando 2 is not less cool with the game Call of Duty: Strike Team for Android. Game play of the series was not much change compared to some of its prequel. If you 've never played the prequel to her, then you will not experience confusion when playing Frontline Commando 2, especially about the gameplay mechanism.

If you like shooting games are cool, then it's a good android games for you to play. When you 're done with other games like Shadow Blade or Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, then try this game.

 Minimum android: Android 4.2.2 and higher. v1.0.4

How to install: 
1. Download Frontline Commando 2 apk + Data
2. Install apk file ( do not open first game )
3. Extract data to SdCard0/android/obb
4. Play


Download Frontline Commando 2 v3.0.3 Mod Apk 

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Download Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour v1.2.2e Mod Apk + Data

Download Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Apk + Data
Download Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Apk + Data - Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is a game from Gameloft that has amazing graphics. FPS game has very good graphics quality that can make you amazed and likes to play this game. Of course games with graphics as it has a large size is 1.15 GB in size of the data. Games of the course is also very exciting when played on android.

 In the game Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour , you will be dealing with terrorists, but unique in the series is the latest time you will play as both sides so that you can get a more complete story. In single player mode, you will play follow the story through the 12 missions that have super quality. When compared with the previous series, in terms of its action is more akin to an action film, this may be due to some cut scenes and conversations that do have quality film. One mission you can accomplish approximately 20-40 minutes depending on the level of difficulty and skill guys, so has the amount of single player content is long enough to be resolved.

Download Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Apk

For single player by default you will use auto aim so if you use an automatic weapon sight then it will lead to the enemy. But still you have to steer close to the enemy beforehand, it makes you be more focused on the story and the action rather than frustrating cross hair directing you to the enemy. And I think this game is more difficult but it is precisely this balance makes it exciting.

If you 've completed in single player, the game will start that is actually new in Multiplayer Mode. Modern Combat 4 is the best multiplayer games, complete compared to other similar games. You can choose one of 8 different game modes, ranging from free for all, team battle to catch the flag. Along with the increase in your level, you will gain new access to a variety of items ranging from weapons to military support where you can call for help like a helicopter. A unique feature in this game is the Intervention. With these features bonus XP you can choose according to your playing style. For example if you like to play as a sniper then you can choose STEALH, each of you kill a target without being seen then you will be given more 50xp.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour does have excellent graphic quality, but that's not what makes me really amazed, but the environment is much more extensive and interactive as well. Each level is designed with great detail so that you will experience outstanding gaming on android. In this game, Internet is needed to start the game for the first time.

Download Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Android Minimum: Android 4.0.4 or higher. ARMv7. v1.1.0 

 How to install:
1. Download Modern Combat 4 : Zero Hour apk + Data
2. Install apk file
3. Extract data to sdcard0/android/data/ / ( or / sdcard/Gameloft/games/GloftM4HM / on some devices)
4. Play


Download Call of Duty: Strike Team v1.0.40 for Android Apk + Data

Call of Duty: Strike Team for Android Apk + Data
Call of Duty: Strike Team for Android Apk + Data - Call of Duty is a very famous FPS games on the PC. And the current FPS game is already present in android with the title Call of Duty: Strike Team. Games released in 2013 and this is the first CoD game truly represents the Call of Duty. This game is no less cool with the PC version. If you usually play Call of Duty on the PC, now you can play it on android.

Call of Duty: Strike Team using 2 different genres at once in one game. The first is that both are FPS and strategy. You can fight as usual with FPS style, but you can also use a tactical view to organize and mobilize the forces of other guys. The combination of the two is of course to bring fresh air into FPS games.

Call of Duty: Strike Team for Android Apk

Call of Duty: Strike Team also adopted a little cover and shoot system. When you take cover, the enemy will continue to arrive as the game. Some controls also been simplified to adopt a tap on the touch screen like the left and right side of the screen to move from one target to another target without having to manually steer the weapon. Graphic quality of this game is quite good for this class of android .

The 3D effect is very cool and amazing. Great gameplay make this game worth to be played in your android games collection android guys at once. Simply download Call of Duty: Strike Team for android and play.

Minimum android: andoid 2.0.1 or higher

Call of Duty: Strike Team for Android

How to install: 
1. Download Call of Duty: Strike Team Apk + Data
2. Install apk file ( not to be opened first game )
3. Extract data to SdCard0/android/obb
4. Play


Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Download Shadow Blade Zero v1.5.0 for Android Apk + Data

Download Shadow Blade for Android Apk + Data
Download Shadow Blade for Android Apk + Data - Android recently the arrival of new games that Shadow Blade. Shadow Blade is an action game which takes the theme of the ninja. Game released in 2014 for this android has attractive graphics, unlike other ninja games. This game offers a unique and interesting game. The actions are usually done by the ninja in the show in this game.

In this game you play a role as Kuro. Kuro is someone who is on his way into the Shadow Blade ( ninja ). You must help Kuro to seek knowledge of the only teachers who are still alive. To find a teacher is not easy, you have to pass some pretty tough obstacles.

In the Shadow Blade you are required to reach the finish line with a 3 star rating system. To get 3 stars, there are three criteria that should you meet throughout the game. The first is you have to reach the finish line within a certain time. Second, the amount of gold that you can collect and the last is how many chinese writing that you can get.

Download Shadow Blade for Android Apk

How to play this game is not hard because this game offers a simple control system. There are 2 controls that you can use, the first gesture and the second D - pad button. If you often play a platformer action game, control the D - pad may already be familiar to you. And That will probably give you a new experience for you is gesture control. In this control,you pretty tap and hold the screen to the left and right to walk ( run ). As for the jump, you stay swipe in the direction you leap. The second control in this game is fairly responsive although you should require adaptation when choosing to use gesture controls.

Download Shadow Blade for Android
How to install :
1. Download Shadow Blade apk + Data
2. Install apk file ( do not open it first)
3. Extract data to Sdcard0/android/obb .... ( Can extract using Es File Explorer )
4. Play

 Minimum Android: Android 4.0.4 or higher


Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Download Camera 360 Ultimate Apk for Android

Download Camera 360 Ultimate Apk for Android
Download Camera 360 Ultimate Apk for Android - Camera 360 Ultimate is one of the best mobile apps for photo. This application is very popular at the android. The many android users who like this app because it is different from other photo editing application. Way that is easy to use and the number of features make this android application favored most people, especially young people who like to take pictures.

Camera 360 lets you take pictures and edit them with a variety of filters are available. Filters can be done before or after the shooting. Moreover, Camera 360 Ultimate is also equipped with a variety of features that support to make your photo more beautiful or 360 degrees different from the original photo.

This android application is not complicated to use, people who are not familiar with photography or photo editing could definitely use this application. The results are not inferior to photo editing photographer shots. Although our pictures can be edited with the ugly beautiful. Practical and lots of features, that is what this app has to offer.

Download Camera 360 Ultimate Apk

Some of the features offered Camera 360 Ultimate include:
- Has 7 modes to shoot such as: special effects modes, a self
- portrait mode, a funny mode, camera mode audio, and so on.
- It has a lot of filters to make your photo more beautiful and colorful.
- Photo Montages that can help you to put together a memorable moment.
- You can share photos to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and others.
- And many more exciting features that you can enjoy.

For those of you who like the pictures then you must have this app. Edit your photos before you upload them to facebook or be used as a profile picture on BBM Plus or Whatsapp Plus on your account. Perform edit photos and make people who saw you fascinated. Download Camera 360 Ultimate to android you now. After downloading the application, download android games also on this site Gobel Play.


Monday, 17 March 2014

Download Hi App Lock v3.0: File Locking Sophisticated

Download Hi App Lock: File Locking Sophisticated
Download Hi App Lock: File Locking Sophisticated - Surely you guys are not happy with the people who want to know your privacy. And privacy is most easily recognized by the phone because the phone is a communication tool that is used every day. If there are people who borrow our cell phones so they can find out information via phone or our privacy tips borrowed. They can open a text, gallery or other non- privacy. To avoid such a thing then we need to lock applications or files that we consider privacy. In many android applications that can lock any file for which Hi App Lock.

Hi App Lock is a lock application files are very sophisticated. With this application we can lock files or applications such as SMS, Gallery, BBM, WhatsApp and others. With this application, the privacy of our existing android phone can be maintained safely. For those who will open the file that we then will be asked to enter a password, for it not to forget our passwords.

Download Hi App Lock

How to use Hi App Lock in android is very easy. We just need to open the application and enter a password. After that go to the Main menu Lock, There we can choose what applications we will lock. Many applications can be locked either from pomsel or downloaded. If we want to change the theme of this application we can go to the tools menu. If we want to change the settings we can go to the Settings menu.

Hi App Lock

With a very special function that I think Hi App Lock is a file lock application is very sophisticated in android. Only people who mengtahui password that can unlock a locked application. Keep Hi App Lock password, do not let anyone know that we secure privacy.

Minimum Android: Android 2.1 or higher


Sunday, 16 March 2014

Free Download Dragon Ball Tap Battle for Android Apk

Dragon Ball Tap Battle for Android Apk
Dragon Ball Tap Battle for Android Apk - Dragon Ball is very popular animated film. The fight between the characters is very impressive to be able to survive until now. And now you can enjoy the fight in you android because there is now a Dragon Ball Tap Battle game. The fight exciting and cool will be presented in this game. Great characters in the Dragon Ball movie will be presented in this game.

Dragon Ball Tap Battle is a fighting game inspired by the movie Dragon Ball. Many of the characters in this game are presented as Picolo, Gohan, Son Goku, Freezer and others. Each character has different abilities. The ability of those in the film is shown in this game as Ka me ha me ha and others.

Dragon Ball Tap Battle for Android

How to play Dragon Ball Tap Battle in the android is very easy, you just need to touch the opponent the character you play will immediately attack the right. If you want to be a Super Saiya then you just need to tap your character, but Kalin could be a Super Saiya only after there is a sign in at the top of the screen on your character. ila has been no sign of such electricity then you can be a Super Saiya Elum.
At the beginning of the game you will play the character Son Goku. You will compete with some of the characters one by one. After you beat all nine opponent or to have an open dragon ball then you can choose the character you play.

Dragon Ball Tap Battle

Dragon Ball Tap Battle for android has very good graphics. The color is very bright, fast and slow motion different from Dragon Ball PSP games that use PPSSPP. Shape of the character, and the other face is very harmonious and clear and visible. If you ever played the game Naruto Fight: Shadow Blade X for android then this game is much better than that. I think this is the best game graphics when compared to games that are adapted from the anime movie.

Minimum Android : Android 4.2.2 or higher 


Friday, 14 March 2014

Download Super Tool Box 10+ for Android

Download Super Tool Box 10+ for Android
Download Super Tool Box 10+ for Android - For the beginner android users may have trouble if you want to send the game to the android app or another. Sending files through the file manager is not sent but only a link. Will definitely upset with the situation, but do not worry now seudah many applications that can to send the application or game is Super Tool Box 10 +.

Super Tool Box 10 + is android application that has many functions. There are so many benefits of these applications such as sending the same practice or games, backups, and others. Some data andriod you can read this application such as batteries, memory and others.

Download Super Tool Box 10+

Features Super Tool Box 10 +: 
 1. Sending an application or game
2. File Manager
3. See the battery level
4. Back Up applications
5. Viewing memory used ( Sdcard0 and Excternal sdcard )
6. Install and Uninstall aplkasi
7. Seeing Ram memory

If you want to send an application or games then you get into the install menu, hold down the app you want to send a notification will appear fatherly sent. Sending aplkasi or games with the Super Box 10 + using Blootueth service. If you want to send the application to know the game using wifi please use ShareIt application.

Super Tool Box 10+

On the File Manager menu you can see all the files in your android. Unfortunately, in the File Manager is not able to extract. If you want to extract the files please use Es File Explorer. Super Tool Box 10 + is a lot of benefits for android phone and I think this one is a must-have mandatory application android. This application can also be used all the android.


Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Free Download Clash of Clans Android Apk 4.0

Clash of Clans Android Apk 4.0
Clash of Clans Android Apk 4.0  - Clash Of Clans is a game that combines, defense, strategy and simulation. This game is developed by Supercell. This game including online games so you can fight against other players with those that you have. Charts offered very good indeed, but it is also a simple way to play with just a tap on the android screen. This android game can make you addicted.

In this game, you not only build a village, but you must build a strong defense for your village. You have to build cannons, control tower, a defensive wall and also recruit troops ( barbarian, archer, goblins and dragons ). The point is, not how crowded village you wake up, but how strong your village to resist the attack of the Clash of Clans other players from around the world.

Clash of Clans Android Apk

How to play it can also be fairly easy. Such as simulation games in general, there is not much control is used, simply tap any control. For example, you want to build an army barrack to train then you just select the picture barrack building that is in the Shop menu. There was also the challenge that you can optionally finish which will give you rewards in the form and also Gem Exp. Challengenya can practically range from upgrading your army barrack, eliminating stone/grass to destroy the enemy village walls.

To build Barrak army, control tower or even upgrade an existing building requires kamlian elixir and also coins. You can get this resource by 2 ways, the first of the buildings that you have created in your village, the second is to take the enemy's elixir coin and both players Clash Of goblins and other Clans.

To play this game early in memamng very easy, because you simply build its own building to find resources such as the elixir and coins. For example, to collect the elixir, you have to build elixir collector, while looking for gold coins you have to build a mine. However, the first method has drawbacks in terms of time. Time used to collect very old and the resulting resource is also not too much. In order to produce a lot in a short time then you need to increase the level of Elixir Collector and Gold Mine. In addition to relying on hasl from your village, you can also seize coins and exilir results from other players or by attacking goblins. This method does not require a long time but require troop casualties.

Social networking features are quite interesting in this game is direct interaction through chat. You can use this feature to talk with other players directly. There are two tabs in the chat feature, the first chat with global players, and the second is the Clan chat tab you ( you must first have a clan ). Because social features networkingnya this excellent, so natural that this game always requires an internet connection to play.

 There are two modes in the game Clash Of The Clans, single and multiplayer. For the former, you can fight the Goblin nation. For example, if you 've recruited some soldiers, and wanted to destroy the goblins. You select the menu Attack contained in the lower left corner, then you are free to choose which one to goblin village you are attacking. The same way you can do if you want to attack other players villages.

Clash of Clans

The difference, if in multiplayer you will be given a random enemy. Unlike when they want against the goblins that allows you to freely choose which one to goblin village kalain attack. But you do not need to worry, though given at random. Enemies you will confront will be commensurate with your current level. The higher the level you are of course the higher the level of the enemy.

Android minimum: Android 4.0 or higher 


Sunday, 9 March 2014

Download ShareIt : Sending a File With Wi-Fi for Android

Download ShareIt : Sending a File With Wi-Fi for Android
Download ShareIt : Sending a File With Wi-Fi for Android - When you hear the word Wi-Fi for sure you already know about what it's Wifi. With Wifi you can explore the virtual world more quickly. In the android phone, wifi is one feature that should be owned by every android phone. Not complete when an android phone does not have wifi because wifi has many functions. In addition to be able to access the internet by following the network available, also can be a transmitter android wifi. And more interestingly, wifi also able to send files. The user can share files over the wifi network quickly. Send files using the wifi speed is faster when compared to blootueth. But sending files using applications that require network Share It.
Share it was sending application files using wifi network. You can send files such as photos, apps, games, data and all of the files that are on android. Speeds of up to 1mbps send the file. Faster than Blootoeth. Various kinds of files can be sent using this application.

Download ShareIt : Sending a File With Wi-Fi

Send files faster.
Can see the speed of delivery.
Can send various kinds.
Make use of the wifi network ( more secure ).
Can send files that are already installed.
Can send the folder that contains files such as game data android.

Download ShareIt : Sending a File

How to use this application is very easy. If you want to send the file use the Share It then between the sender and the receiver must both have the apliaksi. Here is how to use the Share It:

1. to Sender
- Open the application
- Click Send
- Select the file to be sent, it can be one or more
- Click Next on the screen at the top right
- Click on the recipient name or the name that appears on the screen

2. to Receiver
- Open the application
- Click on the Receive
- Wait until the file is sent

Download ShareIt

For files that have been sent will be entered into Qieze folder. The folder can get into the internal, external can depend on the type of phone. Share it with the use of the wifi network, sending files easier and exciting.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Download mSpy: Spy Aplication for Android

Download mSpy: Spy Aplication for Android
Download mSpy: Spy Aplication for Android - Android is a sophisticated mobile phone of the century. Many things can be done with android. Starting from the chat, browsing, games can be done with android. Tersa explore the virtual world more easily. Many applications are available for android is very helpful in the lives of everyday. But android can also be dangerous if used carelessly by the children.

MSpy is an application to monitor mobile devices. This application could also sought an application called tapper. With this application you can find out about the use of the information used android. You see web history, GPS location, text notes, record calls, and photos stored on the device. With the help of mSpy you can monitor the targeted smartphone, find the cell phone, trac, read SMS, view a list of contacts, call details and even more.

Download mSpy: Spy Aplication

Use of this android application to the best to keep the people you care about. Protect from cyber crimes that can be accessed via the android. The program is password-protected so it is not easy to remove. MSpy is also suitable for you who want to be a spy.


Monday, 3 March 2014

Download PES 2014 for Android Apk + Data Update

Download PES 2014 for Android Apk + Data Update
Download PES 2014 for Android Apk + Data Update - After the release for other platforms such as the Xbox, PC, Playstation and other options, now turn PES 2014 for android. PES 2014 there are some that players update the data directly from PES 2014. You can choose according to your wishes. In this series of course players from different clubs or countries from the previous series. In addition, features have also been improved or enhanced for the better.

Rival of FIFA 14 has better graphics than the previous series. In addition there are also additional features in PES 2014, so the quality is not much different from the other platforms. Existing players in this series different from PES 2013 for android series. If you already have the apk file from the previous PES player then you can update by downloading the update data from 2013 to 2014 players.

 In PES 2014 you will feel the excitement in playing the game of football. Graphs make at home in playing this game. other than that, this game is played smoothly on android. Joystick and buttons on the screen so you feel light android easier to control the ball. The accuracy of direction, and a very influential force in the kicking game.

Update PES 2015 android.

Download PES 2014 for Android Apk + Data

How to install: 
1. Download PES 2014 APK + Data
2. Install apk
3. Extrack data to SdCard0/android/data
4. Play

<<Download >>

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Download BBm Plus for Android Free

Download BBm Plus for Android Free
Download BBm Plus for Android Free - Since BBM in android , android users more and more. The increase is fairly significant. The hike starts from the official Blackberry BBM for Android launching the first in 2013. Unfortunately the BBM messenger can be used only for android phones ICS or higher. For under android ICS as Gingerbread, Froyo and others can not enjoy the application of fuel. Aware of the shortcomings of the then issued Blackberry BBM for android Gingerbread. For under android Gingerbread can also enjoy the application of fuel on condition upgrade to Gingerbread first.

Download BBm Plus for Android

In addition to issuing BBM for Adroid ICS and Gingerbread, the Blackberry also issued another series that BBM Plus for android. BBM plus it has the same features as other fuel on the smartphone. But this BBM PLus has advantages compared to the usual. In this application the user can change the background on fuel. So BBM more colorful display. In addition to these features the BBM has new emoticons that are not found in standard BBM. The emoticon is very cool and interesting.