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Free Download Injustice: Gods Among Us android Apk + Data

Injustice: Gods Among Us android Apk + Data
Injustice: Gods Among Us android Apk + Data - The first time you play this game then you will get 3 hero cards. After that then you will be given a tutorial on how to play and battle. You will be taught how to attack and defend. To attack , kalain can use the control tap and swap. As for the last of the enemy attack, you can block the moans by means of a tap on your android screen with 2 fingers.

While playing Injustice: Gods Among Us on your android then there will be a power bar at the bottom of the screen. Power bars will be filled when you successfully attack the enemy and able to withstand the enemy's attack. When the power bar is full then you can pull out your special attack of a character that you are using. Each character has a special attack that is different.

Injustice: Gods Among Us android

In this game you play is not alone but in a team play so you can change the character according to the card you have. How to change character very easily by touching the characters on the top left of your android screen. When you play a character who possessed power is low, then you can replace it with another character who still have full power.

If you can win the fight, then you will get a new card. In addition to the new card you can get the support card and also upgrade card. Upgrade cards are useful for upgrading special attack of a hero. While support cards can be used to upgrade one based attack hero. In addition hero card you will get experience and coins. Usually you get the coins amounted to only 300-400 coins only in every fight.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Minimum andoid: android 4.0 or higher 

How to install: 
1. Download Injustice: Gods Among Us Apk + Data
2. Install apk file
3. Extract the data and place it on sdcard0/android/obb
4. Play

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