Sunday, 9 February 2014

Download WhatsApp Plus (+) for Android | Latest

Download WhatsApp Plus (+) for Android | Latest
Download WhatsApp Plus (+) for Android | Latest - WhatsApp Plus is the result of the application WhatsApp standard customization. A lot of things can you get me some real in the messaging application. In this series WhatsApp application you can easily change the zoom with the color or size of your choice. There are also other modifications to the visual display.

With WhatsApp Plus you can increase the upload size limitation ( normal 16MB upload limit ), so now you can upload music or video files that are large. You can also improve the quality of the transmitted image ( due to very low default resolution ). Sharing music with just one click.

Download WhatsApp Plus (+) for Android
You can also hide the profile pictures someone on WhatsApp, and replace it with a photo on your phonebook. New themes available on the WhatsApp+.

WhatsApp Plus gives advantages not exist in the standard WhatsApp. By changing the look with features that are in WhatsApp Plus it can make you not bored with the look and features of the ordinary. Such features do not exist in other chat applications such as WeChat.

Download WhatsApp Plus (+)

How to replace the standard WhatApp with Whatsapp + pretty easy. Here is how to safely install Whatsapp + so that the existing data in the standard remains WhatsApp:
1. Back Up Data from the first using Titanium Backup WhatsApp dengn
2. Uninstall WhatsApp
3. Download WhatsApp +
4. Install
5. Open WhatsApp + and log ( Automatically data from previous WhatsApp will fit to restore data confirm earlier )

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