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Download RoboCop Game for android Apk + Data

Download Robocop Game for android Apk + Data
Download Robocop Game for android Apk + Data - Do you remember the movie RoboCop ? The film is very well known and popular at that time, you can now play the game of the film on your android. This game including new game since it was released in January 2014. Currently, this game is one of the most popular games. The presence of this game brings a sense of curiosity for the game lovers.

RoboCop games including shooting games category. In the game you have to kill the opponents using weapons. Besides proficient in shooting, you also need to be proficient in managing strategy and avoidance. Do not be hit by enemy bullets, if you continually hit the enemy if the game will end and the mission failed.

In RoboCop game for the android, when you complete each mission flawlessly , then you will get a reward Coin and experience. Coin Reard could you use to upgrade your weapons. In addition to upgrading your weapons can also be upgraded to become more powerful RoboCop with a cool appearance and not easily defeated by the enemy.

Download Robocop Game for android

In terms of graphics, RoboCop has very good graphics. 3D effects of this very cool game that can make you feel at home in playing this game on your smartphone. The size of this game is not too big for the game as good as this. In addition to graphics problem, this game made by Glu Mobile can be integrated with Google+ so kamlian can connect with friends G+ fellow game players to compete on value and also the status of RoboCop that you control.

RoboCop game you can play on android 2.1 or higher. The higher the android os it will be the good guys also graphics of this game.

Download Robocop Game

How to install:
1. Download RoboCop apk + cache
2. RoboCop install apk
3. Open file manager or Es File Explorer
4. Extract the game cache to the folder by your archiver. To do this, click on the cache archive, select the archiver (eg, ES Zip Viewer). Then click "Extract" button and specify the path to the necessary folder. Following the instructions in the game description we need to extract cache to sdcard/Android/obb
5. Open the "obb" folder, where you've extracted the cache archive. There would be a folder ( with subfolder ( Move the subfolder ( and its contents to the "obb" folder, and delete the remaining empty folder ( (see the screenshot below).
 6. Play

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