Friday, 28 February 2014

Download 5 Best Launcher for Android Apk

Download 5 Best Launcher for Android Apk - Bored with the look of your android? Bored with just that icon? No need to worry, because the android phone has many advantages such as changing the look or icon. Only with an application, you can change the basic look of the android. Android application that is able to change the display called the Launcher.

Currently it has a lot to develop an application launcher. Very interesting function that makes the application launcher is in great demand by the android users. Each launcher has advantages and disadvantages. Application Launcher There are simple and some are having a lot of features and style. And this time I will share 5 Launcher application for android.

5 Best Launcher for Android 

1. Launcher Pro

 Launcher is a minimalist, lightweight and fast , there is also a 3D feature inside the App Drawer. Suitable for you who do not like complicated .

Download Launcher Pro 

2. GO Launcher EX 

This launcher has many features that are not owned by another Launcher. Go Launcher EX has hundreds of themes and widgets are cool to try. And the existence of widgets Go Store can facilitate you to search a wide range of themes and widgets created specifically for Go Launcher EX. Simple but luxurious is our impression that this one Launcher.

Download GO Launcher EX

3. SPB Shell 3D 

SPB Shell 3D is a 3D launcher slah the best . Have special widgets and color. Having a messaging widget and clock widget that can be called special because they are specifically designed and listed in the default installation package.

Download SPB Shell 3D 

4. ADW Launcher EX

ADW Launcher EX has a lot in common with GO Launcher EX. ADWLauncher EX app drawer has 5 different styles, one of which is the Nexus One 3D app drawer and there are still hundreds ready themes that you try.

Download ADW Launcher EX

5. MXHome Launcher 

 Launcher is specialized in 3D effects. Launcher provides a different experience with the 3D effect and edema keratif ideas contained in it. One of the themes that are available for such BlueWatch MXHome Launcher and Sports Wacth minimalist.

Download MXHome Launcher
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