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Worm 2 Armageddon apk Free Download for Android

Worm 2 Armageddon apk Free Download for Android
Worm 2 Armageddon apk Free Download for Android - I want to share strategy game for Android. Really fun and exciting This game is a new experience for those of you who play the game with a bunch of his android. I share this game called Worms 2 Armageddon. Game Worms pertemouran different than other games.

 This time the troops are ready to endless death on the battlefield to fight to the death. Make no mistake, the worm is able cute, the place of war meant to destroy. You get a team of worms, each of the 100 lives and prepare full armor. First, this game can only be found in the nokia, because eventually became famous for the PC version of the computer and zoom satisfactory. And now, Android users can gather as a means can be used for fun and entertainment. This game is loaded with conflict and a shot, but the cuteness of this tiny worm could make us laugh.

Worm 2 Armageddon apk Free Download

Use a variety of weapons to try to fit in, to be attacked. The position of the enemy, for example, if the enemy over the place where the water of the soil or ravine, then all Adgar fell into the water and die immediately. If the enemies common to use big bomb or explosive force of a powerful bomb explosion goats. This is done so that the life worms grouped to reduce a lot. The more the enemy's life is reduced, the sooner we can win the game. Take advantage of the drum when hit can explode and turn off the heat when many lives would be exposed to the enemy can be reduced even die immediately. Be careful with mines attached in some places, the approach to the worm will feel subsequent explosion.

Worm 2 Armageddon apk

Worms 2 Armageddon apk fee download for android | There are about 48 types of weapons, including: rocket, home Misile ( can be directed to the target ), the bombs of sheep, sheep super ( not flying) , laser (with the right lens to shoot ) Kamikaze, launcher jet pack, skydiving, bull bomb, bomb squirrel, base ball, fire blast, calling rockets, bombs, banana, and much more.

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