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Free Download Subway Surfers apk for Android

Subway Surfers apk for Android
Subway Surfers apk for Android - Subway Surfers are the games escape the dogs and the police for vandalizing public property. Background in the game in taking the train cars. This game not only elude police and dogs but also must avoid a passing train so as not to get hit. The essence of the game is to collect as many coins as fleeing police and train cars.

Subway Surfer game uses modern 3D visualization effects so fun to play. Besides a modern 3D technology development and many of today's games android that uses modern 3D effects. The game is available for Android version 2.3.3 (Gingerbread). For under the android version can not play this game.

Subway Surfers apk
How to play Subway Surfer is very easy because the players simply touching the screen and moving the finger upward, right , left and bottom of each direction has particularly different functions. Moving the finger up to jump, to right to shift to the right, to the left to shift to the left and down to roll. Very really easy the way the game? Although an easy way to play it but do not underestimate this game.

In this game, each day the player must complete a ' daily challenge ' or daily challenges by collecting the letters of a word. Then if that challenge can be solved , then the player will earn rewards such as coins. In addition to these challenges, there is a mission where players are given a task that must be completed to increase the multiplication value. If a player wants to pass the mission, the player can buy in the store.
Subway Surfers

The following are some of the features of the Subway Surfers:
1. hoverboard
 Hoverboard is an item that is provided to the player and has a time limit on its use. If a player trains crashing threatened or arrested by police , hoverboard allows players to have a second chance to continue the game live. To use the hoverboard, the player must tap the screen twice. Once activated, a timer appears and character would rise above the hoverboard.

2. 2x Multiplier
 Subway Surfers give 2 times multiplication points. For example, before getting features penglipatgandaan numbers only 17. But after a multiplication of 2 times when playing, then the number penglipatgandaan to 34 times within a certain time limit.

3. The Mystery box
 In this feature, what is gained by the player depending on the luck of players. By opening the mystery box, players have the opportunity to get a coin code to unlock the character, get 2 hoverboard fruit, coins, or mega Headstart Headstart.

4. Mystery Box Super
 Super mystery prize box is very scarce and nicer than the usual mystery box. This prize includes getting a character from the subway. After receiving the gift of character, other prizes are headstarts x3, up to 40 hoverboards and 8,000 coins. Gifts are rarely found in the mystery box is a super great to get a headstart feature 3 pieces, 40 hoverboards, and 50,000 coins.

How come? Are you interested in the game Subway Surfers for android? If interested then instantly download and play on your android because this game is very exciting and fun. In addition, this game is also suitable for all ages.

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