Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Free Download Root Explorer v3.1.1 Android Apk Latest

Root Explorer v3.1.1 Android Apk Latest
Root Explorer v3.1.1 Android Apk Latest- Root Explorer is an android application that has a function as a file manager android phone. With this application you can open all applications on your phone, including android file system. Many functions of this one application and may be one of the mandatory application adi android phone.

Root Explorer is perfect for those of you who like to change the android system such as changing the battery icon display, change the image status bar and much more. All associated with the android system, most of these applications require. File manager on the phone default, lost its Root Explorer app.

Root Explorer v3.1.1

Here are some of the features of the Root Explore the latest:
SQLite database appearance.
Text Editor.
Create and extract the zip file or tar / gzip.
Extract the zip file. Multi - Selected.
Skripts execute.
File search.
Send files ( via email, bluetooth, etc ).
Thumbnail image.
Appearance APK binary XML.
Change the file owner/group.
Create a symbolic link. Facility " Open With ".
And many more.

Root Explorer

With advanced features such features, I think this app is very useful but also dangerous. Why is that ? This is because the function of this application is able to log into the system, if you run one of these applications or deleting important files then your android that will be affected. Although the impact of these errors are not so bad, maybe just a little inconvenient because of the need to restore what has been lost or altered.

For those of you who like to experiment and like to change the look of android different from the others so it Root Exporer v3.1.1 suitable for your android. Do not just chat applications such as WhatsApp, We Chat or SMS Bomber app but you also have to have this cool application.

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