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Free Download Mechs Warfare Android Game 4.0

Free Download Mechs Warfare Android Game 4.0
Free Download Mechs Warfare Android Game 4.0 - Mechs Warfare is the game battle between robots of the future. You can buy a new Mechs, customize your weapons and equipment mechs. You can upgrade the weapons and robots to improve your robot. Graphs are presented quite good and satisfying.

When you first start the game, you will go through a brief tutorial on how the game is played. More in-depth lessons will be available on the main menu. In the settings, you will also be given the option to link your Facebook account.

All battles in mechs Warfare takes place in a large arena, a ring -shaped. To start the game, you have to slide up on the screen to activate the mechanism. From there, you will be automatically left and right robots run around the ring . you can not control how the maneuver. To maneuver, you need to tilt the device left, right, bottom and top. In the middle of your screen, you will find a viewfinder. Like most first-person shooters, you 'll just aim the crosshairs over an enemy and press both sides of the screen to fire their weapons.

Free Download Mechs Warfare
There are two buttons on each side of the screen. Fire button allows you to fire a firearm in the direction of the enemy . When you have complete power-up, you can put them to use a button on the same side, as well. For some weapons, you will see the heat gauge in the center of the screen. The longer you use firearms, the meter will fill up. If you reach the top, you will be able to use the weapon until the meter is completely empty. For other weapons, such as rocket launchers, you will receive a gauge ammunition. This is the limit of how many shots do you get in a single load. you can defeat them quickly, but you should be careful and not to waste ammunition.

The aim of this game is to deplete your opponent 's health mech. Your health bar displayed at the bottom of the screen, while your enemy 's health is shown closer to the top. The match will rarely last more than 30 seconds.

Mechs Warfare
In the hangar

In this menu, you have several buttons that you want. The " Hangar " button at the bottom left will let you customize your mechs. The " Fight " button at the bottom right allows you to find an opponent to battle. The lower part has a setting, achievements, and leaderboards. Have left messages and friends. "The train " on the right has a detailed tutorial. Button at the top that allows you to search for mechs and weapons. Finally , pressing your name at the top allows you to change the user name and connect your Facebook account.

Warfare game mechs can only be used in android phones version 4.0 or higher.

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