Friday, 31 January 2014

Free Download FRS Ski Cross v2,0 for Android 2.3 or Higher

Free Download FRS Ski Cross for Android 2.3 or Higher
Free Download FRS Ski Cross for Android 2.3 or Higher - Some parts of the earth was hit by the winter, no wonder now sports SKI mountain again became the belle of the sport. For those who can not ski then you can play it out in the game FRS Ski Cross output Unity Games. The game developers intentionally put out in the winter to treat the hearts of gamers who can not play real skiing. No need to worry for you casual players, this game is very simple and fun to play.

As in Ski, In the FRS Ski Cross game, you are asked to complete the circuit by touching the snow that finish line at the end of the circuit. Circuit snow here has many obstacles such as jumps or even bend it close enough. Your job is only through the obstacles that are very simple and go with the best speed.

Free Download FRS Ski Cross for Android

To bypass the existing snow path , there is a line as a sign for you to jump or turn, depending on the shape of the trajectory that is in front of you. You simply tap when it was the colored lines. If you are right in the me -tap on the line, then you will get a perfect score. For your information, the value that you get the effect you speed . And that's where the real challenge.

As I mentioned above earlier, here you will be racing to touch the finish line with your best speed. FRS Ski Cross itself using a system level where you will get a gold medal if successfully passed the shortest time that is in the circuit. Do not think that it's easy if you have not tried.

Free Download FRS Ski Cross

 In this game, you tools to do the skiing is very influential with your performance. Helmets, shoes, shirts, pants and ski well you can replace it with a new one. The new tools will automatically add your stats such as jumps, turns, and others. The tools that you can get to buy it using money you receive each time you play.

Not only money, here you will also get gold useful for you to buy power - ups. Gold that you can get if you have a game that produces perfect badges. That is, you managed to make the leap or also turn out perfectly, there is no word "great " , " ok " or more in a single race. Power - ups in this game such as restart, change the direction of the wind, picking up speed skiing and others.

Download this game now. This game be played in android 2.2 or higher.
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