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Download Fruit Ninja v2.4.1.434784 apk Android Game

Download Fruit Ninja apk Android Game
Download Fruit Ninja v2.4.1.434784 apk Android Game - The game is simple but requires high accuracy. Cut fruit into 2 parts with a sharp knife is the core of this game. Alert to the danger of bombs that appear suddenly. Scratched due to a bomb blast blade makes the game ends. Completing the mission as much as possible to cut the pieces a limited time is one of the modes of the game Fruit Ninja.

Fruit Ninja is a game that is quite popular among smartphone users. The mission of this game is to cut the fruit that sprung up from the bottom. All the pieces that appear to be cut off because it is not going to reduce the life. How to play quite easily, simply by moving a finger on the phone screen like cut fruit. When there are pieces that appear, then move your finger on the smartphone screen. However, you should be alert to the bomb that will appear discreetly among the fruits that appear. If you scratch or cut the bomb then ended the game.

Download Fruit Ninja apk

Fruit Ninja for Android has 3 modes are very interesting. Here are 3 modes of game Fruit Ninja:

1. Classic
 In this mode you only have the task of cutting fruit without the need to think about time. You have to cut as many fruits as possible and do not fall through the cracks. Additionally do not let you cut the bomb that appears.

2. Arcade Mode
 Arcade mode with slicing as many fruits as possible. In contrast to the classic mode, in this mode of fruit are missed or not kepotong no effect. However, in this mode is limited time.

3. Zen Mode
 Similar to the arcade mode, but here there will be additional pieces of energy that serves to relieve your game such as Freeze, Frenzy and Double Score.

Fruit Ninja

By getting a high score then you will get a new knife is certainly sharper. In addition to knife you can replace the background with a certain value. The greater the value you are getting also comes with a lot of open..

Fruit Ninja v2.4.1.434784 game can be used at least Android version 1.6. The higher the android version of you, the better the game Fruit Ninja also view this in your android. See also Iron Man 3 game for android.

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