Friday, 31 January 2014

Free Download FRS Ski Cross v2,0 for Android 2.3 or Higher

Free Download FRS Ski Cross for Android 2.3 or Higher
Free Download FRS Ski Cross for Android 2.3 or Higher - Some parts of the earth was hit by the winter, no wonder now sports SKI mountain again became the belle of the sport. For those who can not ski then you can play it out in the game FRS Ski Cross output Unity Games. The game developers intentionally put out in the winter to treat the hearts of gamers who can not play real skiing. No need to worry for you casual players, this game is very simple and fun to play.

As in Ski, In the FRS Ski Cross game, you are asked to complete the circuit by touching the snow that finish line at the end of the circuit. Circuit snow here has many obstacles such as jumps or even bend it close enough. Your job is only through the obstacles that are very simple and go with the best speed.

Free Download FRS Ski Cross for Android

To bypass the existing snow path , there is a line as a sign for you to jump or turn, depending on the shape of the trajectory that is in front of you. You simply tap when it was the colored lines. If you are right in the me -tap on the line, then you will get a perfect score. For your information, the value that you get the effect you speed . And that's where the real challenge.

As I mentioned above earlier, here you will be racing to touch the finish line with your best speed. FRS Ski Cross itself using a system level where you will get a gold medal if successfully passed the shortest time that is in the circuit. Do not think that it's easy if you have not tried.

Free Download FRS Ski Cross

 In this game, you tools to do the skiing is very influential with your performance. Helmets, shoes, shirts, pants and ski well you can replace it with a new one. The new tools will automatically add your stats such as jumps, turns, and others. The tools that you can get to buy it using money you receive each time you play.

Not only money, here you will also get gold useful for you to buy power - ups. Gold that you can get if you have a game that produces perfect badges. That is, you managed to make the leap or also turn out perfectly, there is no word "great " , " ok " or more in a single race. Power - ups in this game such as restart, change the direction of the wind, picking up speed skiing and others.

Download this game now. This game be played in android 2.2 or higher.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Free Download Root Explorer v3.1.1 Android Apk Latest

Root Explorer v3.1.1 Android Apk Latest
Root Explorer v3.1.1 Android Apk Latest- Root Explorer is an android application that has a function as a file manager android phone. With this application you can open all applications on your phone, including android file system. Many functions of this one application and may be one of the mandatory application adi android phone.

Root Explorer is perfect for those of you who like to change the android system such as changing the battery icon display, change the image status bar and much more. All associated with the android system, most of these applications require. File manager on the phone default, lost its Root Explorer app.

Root Explorer v3.1.1

Here are some of the features of the Root Explore the latest:
SQLite database appearance.
Text Editor.
Create and extract the zip file or tar / gzip.
Extract the zip file. Multi - Selected.
Skripts execute.
File search.
Send files ( via email, bluetooth, etc ).
Thumbnail image.
Appearance APK binary XML.
Change the file owner/group.
Create a symbolic link. Facility " Open With ".
And many more.

Root Explorer

With advanced features such features, I think this app is very useful but also dangerous. Why is that ? This is because the function of this application is able to log into the system, if you run one of these applications or deleting important files then your android that will be affected. Although the impact of these errors are not so bad, maybe just a little inconvenient because of the need to restore what has been lost or altered.

For those of you who like to experiment and like to change the look of android different from the others so it Root Exporer v3.1.1 suitable for your android. Do not just chat applications such as WhatsApp, We Chat or SMS Bomber app but you also have to have this cool application.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Free Download Soul Calibur Apk + Data

Free Download Soul Calibur Apk + Data
Free Download Soul Calibur Apk + Data - Fighting game genre was first released in 1998. Soul Calibur, and is now present in the Android platform. For those of you who have never played this game before and was curious to play it, Soul Calibur is a fighting game where each character clashing with each other in armed battle. This game has 19 characters with different combos and techniques to be played. Game image display quality is also good so that would make this game the players satisfied.

Free Download Soul Calibur

Like many other Fighting games, Soul Calibur has several game modes. The following is the mode of the game Soul Calibur:

1. Arcade mode
You 'll be taken to fight. Each of the fight you have to win every matches.

2. Time Attack Mode
You have to win every challenge dala in a specified time.

3. Survival mode
In this mode allows you to play as much as possible because in this mode only a few lives that were given to you. How far you can play in this survival mode?

Download Soul Calibur

Game Each player can control the character using virtual gamepad. But there is one drawback in this game for the Android version. Soul Calibur Android versions do not allow multiplayer battles via Bluetooth. In Google Play Store this game also quite expensive priced at around USD 6.67. But here I will share Soul Calibur game apk + data for free to your androis.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Download Fruit Ninja v2.4.1.434784 apk Android Game

Download Fruit Ninja apk Android Game
Download Fruit Ninja v2.4.1.434784 apk Android Game - The game is simple but requires high accuracy. Cut fruit into 2 parts with a sharp knife is the core of this game. Alert to the danger of bombs that appear suddenly. Scratched due to a bomb blast blade makes the game ends. Completing the mission as much as possible to cut the pieces a limited time is one of the modes of the game Fruit Ninja.

Fruit Ninja is a game that is quite popular among smartphone users. The mission of this game is to cut the fruit that sprung up from the bottom. All the pieces that appear to be cut off because it is not going to reduce the life. How to play quite easily, simply by moving a finger on the phone screen like cut fruit. When there are pieces that appear, then move your finger on the smartphone screen. However, you should be alert to the bomb that will appear discreetly among the fruits that appear. If you scratch or cut the bomb then ended the game.

Download Fruit Ninja apk

Fruit Ninja for Android has 3 modes are very interesting. Here are 3 modes of game Fruit Ninja:

1. Classic
 In this mode you only have the task of cutting fruit without the need to think about time. You have to cut as many fruits as possible and do not fall through the cracks. Additionally do not let you cut the bomb that appears.

2. Arcade Mode
 Arcade mode with slicing as many fruits as possible. In contrast to the classic mode, in this mode of fruit are missed or not kepotong no effect. However, in this mode is limited time.

3. Zen Mode
 Similar to the arcade mode, but here there will be additional pieces of energy that serves to relieve your game such as Freeze, Frenzy and Double Score.

Fruit Ninja

By getting a high score then you will get a new knife is certainly sharper. In addition to knife you can replace the background with a certain value. The greater the value you are getting also comes with a lot of open..

Fruit Ninja v2.4.1.434784 game can be used at least Android version 1.6. The higher the android version of you, the better the game Fruit Ninja also view this in your android. See also Iron Man 3 game for android.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Free Download Mechs Warfare Android Game 4.0

Free Download Mechs Warfare Android Game 4.0
Free Download Mechs Warfare Android Game 4.0 - Mechs Warfare is the game battle between robots of the future. You can buy a new Mechs, customize your weapons and equipment mechs. You can upgrade the weapons and robots to improve your robot. Graphs are presented quite good and satisfying.

When you first start the game, you will go through a brief tutorial on how the game is played. More in-depth lessons will be available on the main menu. In the settings, you will also be given the option to link your Facebook account.

All battles in mechs Warfare takes place in a large arena, a ring -shaped. To start the game, you have to slide up on the screen to activate the mechanism. From there, you will be automatically left and right robots run around the ring . you can not control how the maneuver. To maneuver, you need to tilt the device left, right, bottom and top. In the middle of your screen, you will find a viewfinder. Like most first-person shooters, you 'll just aim the crosshairs over an enemy and press both sides of the screen to fire their weapons.

Free Download Mechs Warfare
There are two buttons on each side of the screen. Fire button allows you to fire a firearm in the direction of the enemy . When you have complete power-up, you can put them to use a button on the same side, as well. For some weapons, you will see the heat gauge in the center of the screen. The longer you use firearms, the meter will fill up. If you reach the top, you will be able to use the weapon until the meter is completely empty. For other weapons, such as rocket launchers, you will receive a gauge ammunition. This is the limit of how many shots do you get in a single load. you can defeat them quickly, but you should be careful and not to waste ammunition.

The aim of this game is to deplete your opponent 's health mech. Your health bar displayed at the bottom of the screen, while your enemy 's health is shown closer to the top. The match will rarely last more than 30 seconds.

Mechs Warfare
In the hangar

In this menu, you have several buttons that you want. The " Hangar " button at the bottom left will let you customize your mechs. The " Fight " button at the bottom right allows you to find an opponent to battle. The lower part has a setting, achievements, and leaderboards. Have left messages and friends. "The train " on the right has a detailed tutorial. Button at the top that allows you to search for mechs and weapons. Finally , pressing your name at the top allows you to change the user name and connect your Facebook account.

Warfare game mechs can only be used in android phones version 4.0 or higher.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Free Download Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed Android Game + Data

Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed Android Game + Data
Download Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed Android Game + Data - Sonic is an animated character who has the power to run very fast. With the power of the super- fast, Sonic is able to run all of its mission. Sonic Games is a game that the main character is Sonic the concept of speed . And Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed is the latest Sonic game for the Sega released android smartphone.

 Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed for android has a different concept from the previous Sonic games. The game is themed racing vehicles. Speed ​​, accuracy and intelligence in controlling the vehicle is needed in this game. There are so many highlights of this game because this game displays different things that may be a gamers dream.

Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed has a lot of unique and interesting character. The characters are presented in this game is not a character from the animated film, but Sonic characters from other games released by SEGA. Given some of the characters in this game are expected this game players do not get bored with this game because the player can freely choose a character. 
Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed Android
Because racing games of course this game is no vehicle and the vehicle in the game Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed is also unique. Each character has their own vehicle and a vehicle belonging to a character different from the others. In addition , each character and their vehicles have different capabilities.

Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed can you play on your android. But this game can only be played on android 4.0 or higher version of it. If you are under the android then this game can not be played in your android
Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed
How to install :
1. Download Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed.apk
2. Download Data
3. Install the game and do not open it first
4. Extract data and place it in sdcard / android / obb ...
5. Open game
6. Play

Monday, 13 January 2014

Worm 2 Armageddon apk Free Download for Android

Worm 2 Armageddon apk Free Download for Android
Worm 2 Armageddon apk Free Download for Android - I want to share strategy game for Android. Really fun and exciting This game is a new experience for those of you who play the game with a bunch of his android. I share this game called Worms 2 Armageddon. Game Worms pertemouran different than other games.

 This time the troops are ready to endless death on the battlefield to fight to the death. Make no mistake, the worm is able cute, the place of war meant to destroy. You get a team of worms, each of the 100 lives and prepare full armor. First, this game can only be found in the nokia, because eventually became famous for the PC version of the computer and zoom satisfactory. And now, Android users can gather as a means can be used for fun and entertainment. This game is loaded with conflict and a shot, but the cuteness of this tiny worm could make us laugh.

Worm 2 Armageddon apk Free Download

Use a variety of weapons to try to fit in, to be attacked. The position of the enemy, for example, if the enemy over the place where the water of the soil or ravine, then all Adgar fell into the water and die immediately. If the enemies common to use big bomb or explosive force of a powerful bomb explosion goats. This is done so that the life worms grouped to reduce a lot. The more the enemy's life is reduced, the sooner we can win the game. Take advantage of the drum when hit can explode and turn off the heat when many lives would be exposed to the enemy can be reduced even die immediately. Be careful with mines attached in some places, the approach to the worm will feel subsequent explosion.

Worm 2 Armageddon apk

Worms 2 Armageddon apk fee download for android | There are about 48 types of weapons, including: rocket, home Misile ( can be directed to the target ), the bombs of sheep, sheep super ( not flying) , laser (with the right lens to shoot ) Kamikaze, launcher jet pack, skydiving, bull bomb, bomb squirrel, base ball, fire blast, calling rockets, bombs, banana, and much more.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Free Download Subway Surfers apk for Android

Subway Surfers apk for Android
Subway Surfers apk for Android - Subway Surfers are the games escape the dogs and the police for vandalizing public property. Background in the game in taking the train cars. This game not only elude police and dogs but also must avoid a passing train so as not to get hit. The essence of the game is to collect as many coins as fleeing police and train cars.

Subway Surfer game uses modern 3D visualization effects so fun to play. Besides a modern 3D technology development and many of today's games android that uses modern 3D effects. The game is available for Android version 2.3.3 (Gingerbread). For under the android version can not play this game.

Subway Surfers apk
How to play Subway Surfer is very easy because the players simply touching the screen and moving the finger upward, right , left and bottom of each direction has particularly different functions. Moving the finger up to jump, to right to shift to the right, to the left to shift to the left and down to roll. Very really easy the way the game? Although an easy way to play it but do not underestimate this game.

In this game, each day the player must complete a ' daily challenge ' or daily challenges by collecting the letters of a word. Then if that challenge can be solved , then the player will earn rewards such as coins. In addition to these challenges, there is a mission where players are given a task that must be completed to increase the multiplication value. If a player wants to pass the mission, the player can buy in the store.
Subway Surfers

The following are some of the features of the Subway Surfers:
1. hoverboard
 Hoverboard is an item that is provided to the player and has a time limit on its use. If a player trains crashing threatened or arrested by police , hoverboard allows players to have a second chance to continue the game live. To use the hoverboard, the player must tap the screen twice. Once activated, a timer appears and character would rise above the hoverboard.

2. 2x Multiplier
 Subway Surfers give 2 times multiplication points. For example, before getting features penglipatgandaan numbers only 17. But after a multiplication of 2 times when playing, then the number penglipatgandaan to 34 times within a certain time limit.

3. The Mystery box
 In this feature, what is gained by the player depending on the luck of players. By opening the mystery box, players have the opportunity to get a coin code to unlock the character, get 2 hoverboard fruit, coins, or mega Headstart Headstart.

4. Mystery Box Super
 Super mystery prize box is very scarce and nicer than the usual mystery box. This prize includes getting a character from the subway. After receiving the gift of character, other prizes are headstarts x3, up to 40 hoverboards and 8,000 coins. Gifts are rarely found in the mystery box is a super great to get a headstart feature 3 pieces, 40 hoverboards, and 50,000 coins.

How come? Are you interested in the game Subway Surfers for android? If interested then instantly download and play on your android because this game is very exciting and fun. In addition, this game is also suitable for all ages.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Free Download Naruto Fight: Shadow Blade X for Android

Naruto Fight: Shadow Blade X for Android
Naruto Fight: Shadow Blade X - Naruto is an animated film pitch today. Therefore it made ​​Naruto games. Same with the animated movie, this game is also the best-selling and favorite across all platforms. Currently Naruto game has had several series that all these series are very nice and cool. And this time I will share the game Naruto for android, titled Naruto Fight: Shadow Blade X.

Naruto Fight: Shadow Blade X

Naruto Fight: Shadow Blade X is a fighting game with the main character Naruto. Games made ​​special versions like android phones. In this game the player isa fight with another character in the Naruto animated characters like Sasuke. All the characters in this game is played so that the players do not bia bored playing this game. In this game all the characters has particularly different capabilities and different moves. Due to differences in ability is what makes this game fun to play in android.

Naruto Fight: Shadow Blade X for Android has some pretty good graphics for a smartphone version. Visualization and sound is also very good. This game also has a small size so it does not take long to pick up this game. If you like Naruto then you should try the game Naruto Fight: Shadow Blade X 's on your android.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Free Download Iron Man 3 v1.6.9 for Android

Download Iron Man 3 for Android
 Download Iron Man 3 for Android -  This time I will share the game that is not foreign to that particular Ironman android. This game is taken from the famous movie that is Ironman. The game is now you can enjoy on your smart phone that is android. After several successful gaming platform is now present in the phone with the android OS.

In Ironman 3 games for android , you are positioned Tony Stark ( Iron Man ). Ironman is a hero peacekeeping, but many crimes and only Iron Man is able to overcome it. Ironman duty to eradicate evil.

Download Iron Man 3 for Android

Iron Man 3
What is interesting from this game ? Here is the interesting thing in this game:
- Against pasuka A.I.M worldwide
- Explore 3 different locations: Malibu Shores, New York City and China
- Facing 4 epic villain of the comic Iron Man: Crimson Dynamo, Ezekiel Stane, Living Laser and the mighty Modok
- Being Iron Man
- Complete with a variety of combat missions flown in - Enjoy incredible 3D world with cutting
-edge graphics and animation
- Removing the power of Iron Man with the exceptional control that is responsive
-Set up company Stark
- Conduct research and develop up to 18 different outfit from the film ( MARK II , MARK 42 , Silver Centurion, etc. )
- Upgrade your armor and your strength to defeat all enemies

Game Iron Man has an interesting story and an exciting adventure. Human adventure that you played the robot will make the impression for you. Very suitable for you who like adventure games. Great adventure against criminals, regulate and increase the strength of the company are some very interesting features.