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WhatsApp Messenger for Android Free Download Full Version

WhatsApp Messenger for Android Free Download Full Version
 WhatsApp Messenger for Android Free Download Full Version. Currently, many messaging applications for mobile phones. Even the messaging app is very popular and many enjoy doing instead of SMS ( Short Messege Servie ). Why does this happen? This happens because all that is needed is there such mobile users send voice, files, photos and more. Not only that, the cost of which is used to send messages together with the cost of the internet, of course it is easier and more practical than SMS. This application is also an application that should be mandatory in the use of mobile phones today are smartphones that.

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross- platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. WhatsApp Messenger is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android, and Nokia. All of these phones can send messages to each other. This is possible because WhatsApp Messenger wears Internet data packets that you use to send emails and surf the interenet , so send a message and keep in touch with friends will not be charged.

With this messenger application you can send anything you want to send without thinking of the cost, and how big the file you wish to send. Photos, videos, sound can you tell with all the software for this phone. The software also provides a user profile, here you can put your pictures or photos that all your friends know you and recognize your face . To make friends, you do not need to worry because every contact on the phone that has the application WhatsApp Messenger will be automatically stored also in the contacts application. So you do not need to ask for ID friends communicate with each other, exchange information or share files.
WhatsApp Messenger for Android Free Download Full Version

These are just some of the features in addition to the basic features of WhatsApp Messenger to send a message.
1 . Photo
This feature allows you to send any photos or images with unlimited size . For images that you receive will be automatically stored in the phone or sd card.

 2 . Take a photo
This feature is almost the same as above , only in this feature you can send photos directly . If you see an event and want to share to your friend , use this feature , after photographing the finished image will be automatically sent.
3 . Video
Easily send or share videos with friends with unlimited size . However, when the size of the video, make sure your internet smoothly.

 4 . Sound
Allows you to send voice or songs directly from the music gallery.

5 . Location
Allows you untukberbagi your current location.

 6 . Contact
All my friends who have this app will be automatically saved and can be found on the contact feature.

On Device has conducted a survey of WhatsApp. The survey was conducted by involving as many as 3,759 users of Android and iOS smartphones. In addition, the survey they did in several areas, among them the U.S., Brazil, South Africa, China and the last one is Indonesian. The survey was conducted from the start date of October 25 to 10 November 2013. The survey results showed that the popularity of the application WhatsApp is now higher than the Facebook Messenger. In this survey it appears that at least once a week, there are 44 percent of smartphone users who use WhatsApp. Meanwhile Facebook Messenger obtain a portion of 35 percent.

Thus the explanation about this article WhatsApp Messenger for Android Free Download Full Version. If you are an Android user and want to download this application, the download link is below. Please download and enjoy its.

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