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WeChat Latest Download for Android Apk

WeChat Latest Download for Android Apk
 WeChat Latest Download for Android Apk - The development and application of software today is very fast. Many advanced applications are very useful in the modern era today. This happens on android smart phones that are popular today. The development of applications and the quality of an application on android so easily known example application update or improve the quality of an application. And application of the most favored and sought after is a chat application.

The chat app is already a mandatory applications that must exist in a smartphone because its function is so vast. One of the main chat application that is very popular is WeChat. WeChat is a chat application that allows users to communicate with friends across platorm. With our application can communicate with friends by relying on the same Internet lines such as Whatsapp. WeChat is definitely available for android.

WeChat to have android apk file formats. So the file format in android would be like this "WeChat.apk". When WeChat is mounted on the Android then there will be the latest update from WeChat and you can download the latest version here. When Android users already have WeChat and already getting late period and that version, then immediately download the latest version WeChat because the old version will not be able to be used.
WeChat Latest Download

WeChat has a very interesting feature that may not be owned by other applications. Although WeChat continue mwngeluarkan latest version but first feature since in this application was never eliminated. Here are some very interesting features of WeChat:
1. Look Around
With this feature users can WeChat know anyone who has the app WeChat around him. With so easy to make friends.

2. Shake
Only by shaking the mobile phone users can find other users who are also WeChat use this feature. although different users when the state at the same time be able to find.

3. Emotion
Funny animations that can be sent to friends when chat. Emotion is no default, free and paid. For the default all users WeChat certainly has, if the user only needs to download the free alone and could not owned other users if no download itself. And for which users can pay to buy the mendownoad emotion.

4. Broadcast Message
 This feature allows users to directly send messages to all friends or only selected friends only.

5. Video Call
With this the user can perform vudeo call but with the proviso meliki android video call feature.

WeChat not only to send messages only but send voice, images and video can also be done by the chat application. And like other chat application, users can install their profile photo can even share it at the moment. Moment is a place to share pictures or status updates. At any moment you can write and commented on by friends and can also favored bleak facebook.

If you do not have latest WeChat please download the WeChat immediately before you expire.

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