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11 Features of The Android 4.4 Flagship KitKat

11 Features of The Android 4.4 Flagship KitKat. Google has announced the latest version of the Android 4.4 or the so-called KitKat. Google first introduced KitKat in early September. The presence of this android version brings many new features and is certainly an improvement over previous versions of Jelly Bean. According to information circulating, 5 Nexus smartphone is the first device that welcomes the presence of Android 4.4.

The many new features of Android KitKat brings fresh air for android lovers. The following are 11 new features and seed contained on Android 4.4 KitKat, as reported Itproportal on Tuesday, November 5, 2013.

1 . Multitasking is faster
KitKat can optimize memory and improve the ability of the touch screen feature . Google says that KitKat provide faster response and accurate than previous versions of Jelly Bean.

2 . Cheer for better accessibility 
This new version supports Android experience better accessibility by adding a preference for Closed Captioning . To activate it , the user can point to Settings , Accessibility, then select Captions. Caption used as captions on the photos.

 3 . Access files easier 
Google says that the latest storage access can make it easier for users browse and open documents, images and other files.

 4 . Facilitate printing of documents 
KitKat Android provides easy way to print documents via a mobile device. Google reveals, users can print files to any printers connected to Google Cloud Print and HP ePrint printers and other printers that have applications in the Google Play Store.

 5 . Enhance the experience of reading through eBooks 
Google promises an experience cleaning eBooks on KitKat. With this feature, the system automatically hide all kinds of views, unless the images or text that you want to see . Google added, just shift the edge of the screen to bring back the status bar display and navigation buttons.

6 . Supports two new sensors 
KitKat support the integration of two new sensors, the detection step and a step counter users. This could serve to turn your Android device into a tool to support fitness. Reportedly, this feature is available on the Nexus 5 and used in applications such as Runtastic.

7 . Improve the look ' art' 
Google smoothed User Interface to display a better interface elements on the application. Google also promises a visual delight and ' art movie ' when your device is in the locked position.

8 . Smart Caller ID 
The workings of this application is to detect phone numbers to make calls to mobile users. For example, if there are incoming calls to the mobile phone user and not from the contacts list, Caller ID will find a number of companies where it originates.

9 . contact Priority 
With Android KitKat, the system can determine which contact numbers you call most frequently. You can also find the nearest place , search your contacts or person in a Google Apps domain.

10 . ' OK Google ' 
With just say the keyword " Ok Google " or " Google Ok now ", the user can operate the phone just by ordering by voice without touching it. With this feature users can make phone calls, driving directions in Google Maps , the search in the Google search engine , and various other applications.

11 . Concentration of SMS and MMS messages 
Application of new Hangouts in KitKat will centralize all SMS and MMS messages in addition to voice and video calls. With this latest version of Android, users can also share information about the location of the user and send animated GIF images.
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